Desi consulatancy Vs Amercan consultance in H1B

Hello Friends,

I have got 2 H1B pettion approved one from desi consultancy and other from US company.

US company send me the H1B packets where as desi company they send me scanned documents.

In US company no agreement and salary starts with 80K where as in case of desi low salary ( starts with 60K after 6 months 70 K) and 1 year agreement.

I am not sure about which one i should choose to go for stamping .

I have heard that US company some time they revoke the H1B if you donot clear client interview (not sure).

I would request all the friends , Please provide suggestions and pros and cons on both.

I would be really great full to you,

This is a very subjective question. I don’t think all desi consulting companies are bad, but yes majority are.

By law, companies are required to pay their employees all the time - even when they are on bench (i.e. not w/ any client).

If you work for a US consulting company, and they are unable to place you then they should still continue to pay you. You become a non-billable asset for them, and they end-up firing you to save their costs and be compliant with the law. Desi companies will still keep you employed, not pay you and make you screw your legal status in US.

Also, typical desi consulting company may have a harder time in getting your H-1 visa stamp approved. So if you are confident about your interview skills, then the choice should be US consulting company.

Obviously there is no one size fit all answer and you should use your best judgment.