Dependent Visa - Near H1B Expiry


My H1B visa expiry is near and I have decided to join the sponsor company now. I have got a new Offer Letter from the sponsor with revised salary. The company has planned to apply for an extension after I arrive in the US.

While I got my H1 stamped three year back; my family VISA was not done then. They have to go for Stamping now. I will be travelling to US first and within one month they wish to join me.

My questions are -

  1. Is it safer to apply for dependent Visa after I enter US? OR, I can apply for their stamping even before I travel ?

  2. Is it safer to apply before the extension petition is filed OR after?

  3. What documents should they carry to the consulate ? Should there be any extra doc for my case?

  4. My stamping was done in Chennai consulate. Can they visit any other consulate?



  1. Both options are possible. Your dependents can carry the new updated documents provided by employer and appear for stamping. If they are ok to wait, then you can travel alone now, get H-1 extended and then send your family for H-4 stamping. If you are going to work for a desi consulting company, then personally I would prefer option 2.

  2. See (1)

  3. Same documents as you did, but just the updated version. In addition, their proof of relationship like marriage certificate etc.

  4. Yes