Dependant Visa Details clarification needed for Wife and Mother

Dear Saurabh,

Thank you very much for providing such a great information in all the areas regarding the Visa process. I have been initiated with the H1-B from my Top ranked IT Employer for the fiscal year 2014. I have the 2 folllowing queries and please help me to get them clarified,

	My wife is also an IT professional, if she is travelling with me after quitting the job in India in H4 as a dependant, in which format her visa should be changed (if possible) after we reach there to start working if she finds a suitable job?

	My Mother is widowed and she is totally dependant on me, please let me know the possible format of Visa which i should apply for her to make sure that she is able to stay with me there as long as possible.

Thank you very much in advance. Please help me in getting these doubts clarified.


Thanks & Regards,

  1. An employer will have to file H-1 for her. The cap opens in April and may get over within few weeks. If her H-1 is not applied in April 2013, then she will have to wait until April 2014 for an employer to file H-1 for her. Even then she cannot start to work until Oct of that year.

  2. There is no long term dependent visa for parents. They can apply for tourist visa and visit you ocassionally, but should not stay long term. On toursit visa, she can stay for at most 6 months in rolling 12 month period. Also, if she makes frequent visits to US on B-1 and stays close to 6 months, then that may raise additional questioning at PoE.