Dependant H4 Visa Stamping formalities, Things we should take care.

Dear all,

I have a query related to dependant H4 visa stamping along with my H1B visa

Me and my spouse both have same Last name, i got maried 2 year back and have marriage certificate

Question: Now during Visa stamping for dependant wife do i need to take care for any changes in my or her passport ??

or marriage certificate/marriage photo album/marriage card etc proof is enough

I am asking this to ensure if any formalities required i can finish while my petition is under process

I will appreciate if experianced ppls can guide if any things else i should take care

Thanks in Advance.

As per my opinion, it would be better if either one of your name is added in the other person’s Passport as spouse. I am not sure if this is mandatory while applying for dependant VISAs.