denied H1B for 2014 and want to Reapply for 2015


Please help us with the information to reapply for H1B.

  1. Do I need to mention that I have applied earlier though my previous application was not picked up in the lottery? What are the previous documents required if I have reapply for H1B?

  2. What are the previous documents required if my previous application was picked up in the lottery but rejected in the RFE response review. I have only receipt number at present, Do I need to take any other documents from previous petitioner?

  3. Previous petitioner says they have appealed the rejection but not shared with me the new receipt number. How can I make sure it is in the process? What documents I should take from them.


  1. If you applied but didn’t make through the cap, then there is no requirement to mention about it in future applications.

  2. You need to know the reason for rejection. No other documents are needed.

  3. You can ask for a copy of the appeal and USCIS’ receipt notice for the same.