Denial of OPT ( Just to be on a Safe Side)

I was wondering in what case OPT gets denied. I am graduating next semester, Fall 2013. I have been working in a company as an intern through CPT since last year. I have worked as a part time CPT applicant for 2 semesters and I will be working full time CPT for 10 months and 20 days. I talked with my ISSSO advisor and they said I will be just fine.

But , I was wondering if USCIS will check about my cheques and all other stuffs. During my part time CPT, I have worked like 40 hours/week for 2 months during my part time CPT. I used to work more than 20 hours/week when there was no homework/assignments assigned. 
However, In my I-20, there is clearly mentioned that I have been doing part time CPT during that time. 

Does that really effect my OPT approval?

If So, what would be my best option for my approval of my OPT. I have already started working as a full time CPT applicant starting this May 2013 until December 2013 (i.e, my full time CPT counts 10 months and 20 days including this period).

I really appreciate the help. 

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