Delhi H1b Stamping experience after December 1,2012

Can Anyone please share experince if h1b stamping at Delhi consulate after december 2012?

What type of Questions ? What is the success rate ? wat is the rejection rate ?

H1B stamping is two step process now.

First you would need to go to OFC (atleast one day prior to interview) for photo and biometrics. You do not need to upload photo in DS160 or no need to carry them to OFC/embassy.

Interview @ embassy - It is simple and organized process. Interview is simple too and they generally ask questions like your employer, your association with employer, client, location, salary, role and responbilities. If you are from a big IT company and going for the same company, then they wont ask too many question though it varies case to case. But if you have it for consultancy then they may ask more questions.

No one will have data for success and rejection rate of H1B stamping. Just carry as much as documents possible. Just be confident and give crisp to the point answers. It will be approved.

Thank you Allendsup23 for your feedback , but the rejections or admin processes are they doing deliberately . I know most of the guys go with the positive attitude and confidence , then what makes them to issue slips for admin and hold the visa processes?

221G slip is not issued to most of the cases. It is given only to those where something is missing in application, US employer is small company, consultancy involved, EVVC model etc.
Sometimes people goof up by not providing correct details.
My employer apply 1000s visa every year and 221G rate is less than .5% (almost negligible).