Delay in travelling to US on H1b

I got H1 stamped in Oct 2015 got validity for 3 years till 2018. I am still in India as my H1 employer is not finding a project for me. Just want to understand few things. Please help me in this regard

  1. Since already 3 months completed from stamping date i,e from Oct 2015, and I am still in India,Is my visa validity period 3 months completed out of 3 years validity or 3 years period starts only from the date when I entered into US

  2. Does I face any issues due to delay in my travel at POE?

    I heard from one of my friend that there is a specific number of months before which I need to travel to US on H1B, Otherwise there might be implications? Is this true?

  1. Your current petition is valid only until the expiration date mentioned in it. So you have 3 months less available on that petition and visa. However, H-1 can be extended for up to 6 years. Only the time spent inside US is counted towards this limit. This means you haven’t used a day from that 6 year cap.

  2. No issues. Just carry a recently dated letter from employer confirming the job in US. No issues if travel on H-1 is delayed.

Thank you for the response.