Delay in receiving receipt no. from USICS


I havent received my receipt no. yet. My H1B application was filed with USICS on 23rd April 2012(as per my employeer). Please guide what can i do and if anybody else also having similar case. Please reply.

REceipt no is sent by USCIS with 10 working days after you submit the application. Some employer don’t let the reciept number for confidential purpose. Please contact your employer for getting the reciept number. there is no other way to get the reciept number.



Hi Vekambaram,

Thanks for replying, But my employeer is communicating that they havent received the no. yet. is it a possibility?

No, there is no possibility like that.

Is there any timeline or last date when USICS stop sending receipt no.s I mean till when one can wait for Receipt no.