Data entry error while submitting I-129 form

Hi Surabh,

I recently got my H1B petition approved with change of status from L1 to H1B. Unfortunately I had to travel to India during this process and now I am planning for stamping in Chennai consulate on next week. In fact I stayed in US in L1 status almost 4 years and 6 months and I was supposed to get H1B for remaining 1 year and 6 months based on the 6 years maximum stay. But I got H1B approval for 2 years and when I did investigation I found while my employer was filling the I-129 they mentioned for my previous L1 stay wrong date of entry to US as a mistake. Based on the wrong date USCIS calculated reaming period and approved 2 years visa. Will it make any issue when I go for stamping? Should I tell consulate it was the data entry error? Or should I take any corrective action later? Can I stay 2 years complete in US based on this approval? I am totally confused. Your expert advice please. Thx

Hey Surabh, what happened final result of your case ? I have same situation and correction has been submitted but waiting for the correct copy, how much time it to get corrected ?