Currently in H1B and applying for new L1B from Canada

I came US last year using my H1B approval and have a valid i-94 up jan 2014. I would like to convert my H1 B to L1B , so that my husband can get EAD. My company agreed to do a new L1B stamping from Canada.

  1. I would like to know is there any chance that my new L1B get rejected as I am currently in H1b?

  2. What could I mention the reason for conversion from H1 to L1B , in case my interviewer asks me the question. I am afraid as my reason for conversion is really personal.

  3. I am having an Indian passport and it expires on Aug 2015. Will that affect the duration of my L1B approval?

  4. If I get my L1b does it mean that my H1b is revoked? Is there any chance to apply for an H1B extension in the future without going through the CAP?

Thanks in advance for understanding my situation and helping me!

  1. L-1 always has a chance of rejection, but may be not related to your current H-1. Make sure, that your L-1 job satisfies the L-1 requirements.

  2. If the employer wants you to work in a job for which L-1 qualifies and not H-1, then that’s your reason. Remember, the same job cannot qualify for both L-1 and H-1.

  3. No

  4. No, its not revoked and leaves the door open for future cap-exempt petitions.

Thank You Saurabh