Current status not shown properly


TIll yesterday my application status was shown as Initial review, but since today morning its not showing any status and many stages(RFE) has been appeared in between initial review and decision,

But there is a note mentioned below my application that, currently USCIS cant provide me my application status.

Now what does that mean, can anybody help?

It Means they are in process of Updating Your Case … It will Turn out to be RFE or Approved… I was in same scenario … it was RFE for me Recently on Jul;y 17… Hope for the best for you… It will take a weeks time to show actual status

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for the prompt reply, Can i go ahead and call the USCIS Helpdesk to get my current application status.

Wait for a While… I think it will change soon it took 1 week for me for Status Update. Then you can contact your Employer or USCIS directly

Do not contact USCIS directly. Ask your employer/attorney to follow-up w/ them.