Current status at USCIS is RFE

Hi All,

As per the current status, my h1 case status is RFE at uscis portal. it got updated 4 days back. But my employeer havent updated me anything about that.

How much time it will take them to update me about the status and what could be the tentaive list of document that will be required again.

And how much time this whole process will take apporximately and can we somehow save some valuables days, if acted smartly, if yes how?


I’m sure it vary’s from case to case but we had a small issue with a RFE. The status in the portal was changed to RFE and we didn’t receive anything for 2-weeks. At that point I called the USCIS and it turns out they had a computer glitch and couldn’t confirm whether or not they sent out the RFE notice.

The USCIS resent the notice - it arrived approximately in the same time frame as the other documents (change of status in portal to receipt in mail = approx. 5-7 business days).

Our RFE was simply questioning why we listed to work addresses. We described in a letter the primary address and the possibility that the beneficiary/employee may travel, on occassion, to a 2nd business address but for less than so many days per year. We also confirmed that this was a direct hire employee and not for contract.

The response back from the USCIS took about 4-weeks. It seems like we went to the back of the line, but finally, the approval was posted.

Good luck!