Current H1B holder. Applied for H4 and H4-EAD. New job offer on H1B.

I have been working on an H1-B visa and my last project ended about 20 days ago. I applied for H4-EAD based on my spouse’s approved I-140 while still on H1-B. It has been about 70+ days since the application and there hasn’t been a change in the case status.

However, now I got another job offer and they are willing to do my H1-B transfer. My question is: How will this effect my H4 COS/H4-EAD applications? What will the implications be? Will the H4 case be rejected if I have another application for the H1-b Transfer?

I am almost in similar situation.Confused to move to H4EAD or not with people taking about revoking the law.It would be great if you share how it worked out for you.Mostly as there are fulltime jobs in market have to choose H1B transfer instead of contracting.But H4EAD seems good choice to shift jobs.