Current H1-B stamping procedure and selecting the consulate


I am working in US and my visa status is H1-B. My passport is yet to be stamped as my status changed from OPT to H-1B and I haven’t travelled outside of United States since the status change.

My questions:

  1. Is the visa stamping process a 2 step (step1 - submit documents, step2 - interview) process or just a one step process where in you take your documents with you on the day of the interview?

  2. Is it different at different consulates i.e. at some consulates it is a one step process and at some it is a 2 step process?

  3. Can I schedule my appointment at any consulate in India?

  4. Do all the consulates send the stamped passport via post Or is there a consulate where you can collect the passport on the same day of your interview?

Any advice here is much appreciated.


Visa Stamping is a two day process at all consulates.[ Documents submission which was in vogue at Mumbai consulate is discontinued now.]

Days may or may not be consecutive. It is yr choice.

First you have to select consulate Appointment day. Later system offers you options for OFC date where your fingerprinting will be done. select the date that is convenient to you out of the options offered

For English Language option for interview you can schedule yr appointment at any consulate.

You have an option of collecting yr documents from any OFC or from a blue dart station of yr choice.

By paying Rs 300 per head extra you can also ask for delivery at a place of yr choice if that station is serviced by Blue dart.

No consulate gives delivery of passport. At best it can be OFC at the place of Interview. Same day delivery is not assured anywhere.

But if yr interview slot happens to be 7=45 am you may get delivery same day at OFC if you are lucky, in some consulate