Cryptic status after RFE |Reopened For Reconsideration

Hi All, My H1b extension case has been filed with California uscis and got rfe last December. My company submitted the required RFE docs on 12th March 2018 … thereafter I received a status Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration yesterday. My case had been filed in premium so USCIS is liable to provide a decision in 15 days but this status now does not make sense … anybody else having the similar situation? This status normally is shown after filing mtr …but I have not filed a mtr as I don’t have a decision yet.

Hi, Did you get any status finally? I am also on the same boat. Could you please let me know what happened in your case? Your response is much appreciated.

Thank you!

yes … I did after 2-3 days I got approved.
Don’t worry … its mess up on USCIS end.

Thanks for prompt reply. Congrats! I still have a question, so there was again status change to case approved ?

USCIS online system sometimes have issues and you cannot just rely on the online status update that you see. Give it a week or so, to see if it changes and check with lawyer. I have seen much more weird status updates given for cases and applicants in panic mode…it is a system bug and creates such issues. If you are unsure, you can call USCIS or ask your attorney to talk to USCIS.