Credential evaluation vis a vis Professional evaluation

Hello Saurabh,
I had appeared for my Visa interview in early Nov 2012. I was issued 221 g - all the documents along with my passport were submitted at the time of interview with the VO. Till now I haven’t got any updates. Repeated mails to embassy would just result in reply with the usual “Under Admin Processing”. My worries:

  1. email to get the passport status - The reply I always get is that “No status update” available for the submitted passport number. Is my passport safe there? how to confirm its safety?
  2. CEAC website to check the case status shows that the case was LAST UPDATED ON the date of my interview. Does that mean the VO has not bothered to have a look at my case & documents till date (remember, the documents were submitted to him during the interview itself)? Is it normal that the CEAC tracker site showing the candidate’s interview date as the last updation date?
  3. Just as I write, my US employer tells me that the consulate has asked for “Professional Evaluation Report”. I already submitted my Academic credential evaluation report with the documents, is it something different from that? If it is different from the credential evaluation then could you elaborate how and what it entails? Do they usually ask for it?

Awaiting you prompt reply, as always.
Thanks and best regards.

This has been replied in the main blog.