CR1 Interview Status Refused online - but was told approved

I attended IV interview (CR1) on 25th Nov 2020, the interview went well and the consular told me that my visa is approved, gave me a sheet saying the same and kept my Passport. And I was told that passport collection will be notified via email in 3-5 business days. But when I check the visa status in ceac website, application status is REFUSED. I wasn’t informed anything 221g by the interview consular, all I they said was my visa is approved. So now, what does this mean to my application?

The status you see online can be misleading. It may not really be refused. Due to lack of proper status in the system, they update it like that. So, do not worry. if it says the same after 10 days then only reach out to consulate.
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Thanks Kumar. Will let you know