Cpt program in hospitality management

I am applying for CPT program in U.S for the masters in hospitality management. This program is through the HTIR India. I have applied through a consultant VISA HOUSE. They have suggested me the MONROE college which is in New york. I want to know about the consultant and the college and also want to know cpt program is good or not. Thanks in advance

See that the college is

  1. Non-profit college

  2. It is accredited by some GOOD governing body.

See the rules for CPT program. No consultant can gurantee F1 Visa ( those who gurantee are FAKE).

Somebody had asked the question about HTIR and it sounded FAKE that time. So beware do not get defrauded.

You need to be extra careful, when they say that they will give CPT from first semester. There is so much of fraud around this. Check and verify the school, talk to someone, who are currently enrolled in that school, before you commit.