CPT got expired and got RFE..It will impact to get approval for H1B??

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                   I have applied for H1B when I had a CPT.Now, I have applied for CPT for a second semester but right now my university do not want to give me a CPT.Currently I am working in xxx company.Can you please give me a suggestion that Is it impact to get approval for H1B.


And if suppose, I will maintain my F1 status without getting CPT and working , Can I get approval for H1B and start work from October 1st?

I got a RFE that they want a Evedence letter from my university because I got a CPT on first day on f class. :


Evidence letter that CPT was an integral part of the Student's Degree Program

Evidence letter that immediate participation was required for Student's Degree Program.


My CPT has expired so, there is no Work authorization right now. How can I reply to USCIS??



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I think you might be in trouble.

OPT from very first day is kind of risky. USCIS knows very well that F1/OPT from very first day is a HUGE RED FLAG for ‘diploma mill scams’ . It is illegal to get F1 just because you can start working on OPT and not for study purpose.

This might lead to your H1B debarment for 10 years. Consult a lawyer regarding this what to reply.

I agree. Your biggest concern should be the RFE. Get documentation from school to show that CPT was integral part of program and needed, and they just didn’t act as a diploma mill which spits out CPT from day 1. It doesn’t matter whether your CPT has expired or not. What they want to know is how you started working on CPT from day 1.

If the CPT is not being renewed, then stop working and continue your F-1 studies. If H-1 gets approved, then you can start working on H-1 from Oct 1.

Please consult a lawyer! I think you are in trouble. This will definitely impact your H1 Visa. You might face deportation/debarment

H1 quota for 2013 is over. Even if you get visa for 2014 you can start working only after oct 2014.

If you are working now , it is illegal. A lawyer might be able to find some way out.

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Hello Andy,

I am also facing same issue. Please contact me on apraneeth@aol.com

I had a full time CPT for 40 hours . I have registered other 9 credit course and 0.5 credit for CPT. I could not able to attend these 9 credit courses because I was working on full time CPT. And now I have get an update from my university that you did not maintain F1 status in Spring semester and we will inform to USCIS. I have enrolled for summer classes.So, is it necessary to attend the 9 credit courses if I am working on 40 hours CPT. It will impact to on H1B application?

I am in same situation. In my case( I guess like every one else) I got CPT from day one. However, I have one masters from a reputed university but could not file for h1 last year. To be honest I wanted to do be an MBA but may be not from this college (GBC). Regardless, I got CPT from day 1 now lot of responses here are making me very anxious. My attorney asked me for bunch of information. I will provide them with all. I heard, some guy from my college, same as me in every aspect of his application, got his h1 approved. I hope mine go through as well. If any one have prepared a response Please provide me some insight. kumarr@gbc.edu. Any information will be higly appreciated.
Unfortunately experienced person will not bother to come on a forum and waste time in writing these ans. May be I will if my case is positively resolved.
Good luck guys…


Hi there, I am planning to apply for GBC, if my H1 won’t get approved. I have finished my masters same like yours and is on Opt right now. I have very complex rfe and have chances to get deny. Can you please provide me feedback about the college and updates on your H1B status? Also did you apply H1B based on your previous master degree or on your current MBA degree?
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I am still waiting for my result

As top priority, you need to maintain F-1 status. If that requires attending classes then do that. CPT is secondary.

@rajesh93 did you get you h1b approved?