CPT from day 1 - problems with H-1B

Hi all,

  1. I have applied for H-1B this year and not sure if selected in the lottery. (Currently, I’m in STEM OPT which expires mid June). If I do CPT from day 1 to continue employment, will my H-1 get denied when I apply next year? Or will change of status get denied? Im confused.

  2. How will USCIS know about CPT from day 1 and second masters?

  3. Will it be safer to apply as a new H-1B applicant than change of status from f1 to h1?


i’ve the same situation at hand. we can expect a gauranted query if we apply for cpt on day 1.

I am in the same situation. My STEM is expiring on 25th June. Could you please share your experience? Did anyone get RFE on H1B application after joining day 1 CPT college while H1B is still pending?