CPT Exceeds 1 year

Hi All,

     I joined MS in Fall 2014 intake and this is my first Masters degree in US. My CPT details are below,

1st CPT : Jan - Apr 2015 (4 months- Full Time)

2nd CPT : May - Aug 2015 (4 months- Full Time)

3rd CPT : Sep - Dec 2015 (4 months- Full Time)

4th CPT : Jan - Apr 2016 (4 months- Full Time)

Total CPT duration is 14 months. I am going to apply OPT now since I am going to graduate this spring session. Now only I came to know that, if CPT exceeds 12 months, OPT will not be provided. So, will I get OPT or not? Also, my firm is ready to file on H1B . Will the excess uses of my CPT affect my H1B process?

Kindly guide me!!!