courses equivalent to M tech which can be done in US


I want to pursue course which is equivalent to M tech in India. I have come to US recently pls let me know if any such courses are available, since I want to take up teaching as my profession after going to India or here also. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. I also have 2 years for IT industry expereince.Currently i have H4 visa.

Thanks in Advance.

In American education system, MS is equivalent to M.Tech in India. You would need to apply for MS in universities. You would need to take GRE and TOEFl as required by the schools. Read this article Study in USA on H4 Visa

Also, in MS you would have two options, one is Thesis and second is non-thesis. If you take Thesis option, it will help you build on it for PhD in future and help you achieve your goal of teaching...

Also, read this  [PhD without MS in USA](

thank you… pls clarify what is the difference btwn thesis one and a non thesis?