Couple applying for H1B in April 2014


2 different employers will be filling H1 for me and my spouse.
Please clarify me on following scenarios:

  1. If petiotions for both of us are approved then do we have to scedule Visa stamping together?

  2. If one of the petition is approved and rest is under process then should we apply for the H4 for spouse?

What is cos ? read it several times on the blog.


  1. Yes You can schedule both the stamping interviews together.

  2. I feel you should wait for other’s H1-B approval or you can go individually for stamping as well.

  3. CoS is Change of Status which applies to people who applies H1 from Inside US and from different visa category. For example: L1b to H1-B or H4 to H1-B.

Hope it clarifies.