Could I activate my Consular Notification H1B anytime before my current OPT stem expires?

I believe my Attorneys made my petition with consular notification; I am not sure if the Change of Status was denied (have reached out to them asking why). Anyway, my petition got approved mid-December after an R.F.E was issued. I got the I-797B Notice of Action, unlike the typical I-797A which includes I-94, this form, as I understand, is typically issued to people in India and moving to work in the USA. I am currently on my STEM OPT which expires in Feb 2019. My HR stated that I could ‘activate’ my H1B anytime before the OPT expires. My predicament has left me slightly confused, and I am curious to know if some of you good people faced similar circumstances, and learn from your actions and outcomes?

Hi Vikram,

One of my friend is also in the same sitiation of yours. Can you please let me know happend in your case.