cost of living in usa on hlb with kids

Hi all Plz guide me cost of living in usa on hlb with kids I need approx monthly cost detail including home rent,child schooling in public schools and transportation etc Guide me saurbh/all any one

The cost is completely depending on the location that you prefer/living. As a common person, roughly you can assume $4000 to a couple with a kid. Probably if you know the exact location I can guide you other approximate figures.

Its in Florida state

Unless someone lives in the same city where you will be relocating, it is tough to answer this question correctly.

Major expense will be - rent, health care, transportation, gas, car insurance, car loan payment, groceries etc.

  • If the child goes to public school then education is free
  • You can search for rental apartments on craigslist and it will give you an idea about the rent in the area
  • health insurance needs to be informed by your employer
  • gas can be $100-$200 depending upon your commute
  • car payment and insurance can be up to a hundred dollars again depending upon what you go for

At a very high level, expense could be in the range of 2.5-3.5K