Cost of living in denever (Colorado)

Hi All,

I want to know about average cost of living in Denever(Colorado).

I am traveling along with my wife and kid(two year old).

What would be average Income tax, social security deductions, insurance and house rent(furnished/unfurnished).

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Depends on the area you live. Downtown is expensive otherwise average rent for two bedroom is $800-900 ( unfurnished)

Utilities -internet-groceries another $500…you can add on things like car,insurance, etc…

per month with 1 kid and wife …it should cost you around $2.5K

Hi SnowWinter,

Thanks for reply.
Please confirm one more thing. What is the average income tax in the Colorado state.

Welcome to Colorado, it is a beautiful place to live and work. Colorado income tax averages to 4.63%, more details are available here . Federal and State tax relief is available as you are married with 2 dependents. As SnowWinter said below, downtown is pricey but outlying areas are cheaper. Do you know in which part of city you will be working because RTD buses and trains do operate into downtown or you will end up paying for car parking every day. Utilities heat and power $100 in summer and $175 in winter, cable (internet plus tv) $99, car insurance $99 for liability (not comprehensive) depending on year and model, water usually included in rental, baby daycare is most expensive component unless child is of school going age which then is almost at no cost.

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