COS to H1B done, is L2+EAD still valid after re-entry?


I entered the US on L2 and got my EAD. Once I started working, I went for a COS to H1B and it was successful - so now I am on H1B status without visa stamping. Now I am going to India and will be re-entering the US around 15th August 2012. My spouse is still maintaining L1 status and will be maintaining it.

My questions are:

  1. Can I re-enter on L2 status with my existing L2 Visa stamp? In other words, is my L2 Visa still valid for re-entry?

  2. If I re-enter on L2 status, will I be able to continue working with the EAD I received earlier? The validity period as displayed on the EAD card is till April 2013.



  1. Yes

  2. Yes. To work on H-1, COS will have to be filed from L-2 to H-1.

Thank you, Saurabh!