COS to H1, Travel and I-94 issues


 I had a change of status from L1 to H-1B this year and after i got the COS approval notice, traveled out of the country. I came back to  US before Oct 1st using then existing L1 visa and received a new I-94 at POE. After Oct 1st, when i checked the CBP portal the I-94 showing was the new I-94 that i received at POE with class of admission as L1 instead of the tear off I-94 details attached with H1 Approval notice.   I went to the nearest CBP office(twice)  to inquire about this. 

The first visit, officer told that my current I-94 is the one i received at POE, that i am currently in L1 status as mentioned in the I-94, the COS to H-1 would have been void as the I-94 # in approval notice is my previous one and i need to follow up with a lawyer. The second visit, a different officer told that i might be currently in H1 as the I-94 attached with Approval notice starts from Oct 1st which is of a later date than the date when i re-entered US & the CBP portal only shows the latest arrival record status.

Can you help me determine what is my current immigration status and how to change the current I-94 details shown in CBP portal from L1 to H1?