Cos Stage- L1 to H1 , returning back to India

Hi Saurabh,

Two of us had applied together from L1 to H1 CoS from a consulant and got selected in lottery

I have got my approval and just waiting to start from Oct 1.

A friend of mine has received an RFE, asking for some additional details about the company and comapny Attorney is looking into it.

Apprently the currently company he holds L1, is asking him to return to India sighting project reasons and he is not sure what to do.

Since it is a CoS, will there be any issues if he go back to India as he will not be in US?

Do the company needs to reapply for the petition again under Exempt quota? Pls. confirm.

Current option I have suggested is to wait for the approval and get the visa done in Chennai and travel back here.

If he leaves US while H-1 is pending then COS is abandoned but H-1 petition itself will continue to be processed. Once approved, he can appear for stamping and then return to US on H-1 visa.