COS from L1B to H1B same company

My H1-B Visa was approved on December. I was on L1-B Visa earlier. My Current employer processed H1B and it got approved. Do i need to complete any paper work or forms formally since my visa status was converted from L1-B to H1-B ? if so could you please let me know the forms or process?.

No additional paperwork needs to be done. Once you are on H-1 status, just ensure that you get paid for the H-1 salary and perform the H-1 duties enlisted in your H-1 documents. If your employer has any company specific paperwork, then they would know about it.

Thank you Saurabh. One quick question. What do you mean by H-1 salary ? Does my employer need to update their Payroll system? My employer told me that I need to complete I-9 form…

As part of H-1 filing, the employer must have filed LCA and mentioned salary in the same. They need to start paying you salary as per that number. Lot of companies pay L-1 salary outside US, or it is lower than what’s quoted in the LCA.

Does that clarify?