COS from L1B from Company A to H1B with other company B for year 2013 .

Hi All,

Please advise in my case:

I am working in USA on L1B visa with company A .Both L1B and I94 are valid till July 2013.Now I am thinking of transferring my L1B to H1B under COS category.My questions are:

  1. As I will get my H1B from employer B in Oct 2013 and L1B and I94 both from employer A will be expired on July 2013 so can I stay in USA for this period i.e. between July 2013 to Oct 2013?

2)My new company will apply for H1B in April 2013 ,so when I can start working on H1B visa?



See my response to your other post on this topic.