COS from H4-F1 and back to H4?


I entered US on a H4 visa and just last year end, I applied for COS from H4 to F1 using Form I539 so that I can do student assistantships under my professor. The approval of my F1 came on last week of Jan,2015.
Now I have a COS to F1 but a valid H4 visa stamping on my passport valid until 2017. I may have to go for a trip to India in May 2015 and want to know if I can come back on the already existing H4 visa on my passport? My professor scraped off the assistantship position and so the F1 visa is no longer of any use to me. Also I want to convert back to H4 because its allows me to be a part time student at university and maybe I can look for internships under the new/ upcoming H4 work authorization rule later this year.

I want to know if I can come bck on the existing H4 visa on passport valid until 2017 or if I should file for a new H4 visa in India to convert back? If I do that, does that mean my F1 is officially not valid anymore? Or should I do the I539 process again to change from F1 to H4. I am just worried about the timeline for that and if they would approve since I just got the F1 approval in Jan 2015.
Would be grateful for your help in this regard


Visa: A travel document

Status: The immigration/non-immigration category under which you are allowed to be inside a country.

Having said that, officially, you are in F status as per your COS but since your course was abondened, your F status got void. In other words, you are out of status at this moment(neither H4 nor F1). You must get to a valid legal status ASAP.

You can think of your H4 VISA stamped(read the visa definition in the first line above) later.

To be very clear, you can use your H4 visa stamping to enter into US with it before it expires, at any time. But if you were found in illegal stay in US, it would mess up your later entry into US.

File COS to H4 immediately OR exit and enter into US with H4 visa.

Thanks for your repsonse. But I havent abandoned my course, I am still a full time student and have a valid F1 visa which is good until after graduation I think.
Will going out and entering into USA with H4 visa cancel my F1 visa automatically? Or should I do COS here to H4 , I am afraid they may reject me as I just changed from H4 to F1 !

If you are able to maintain at least one legal status, thats good to know.
Each time you enter into US, they will let you into US with a particular status, that overwrites your previous status.
Going into H4 is very straight forward as long as your spouse’s H1 is perfect. H4 needs to satisfy ONLY ONE condition. The relationship proof(your case marriage proof) with the H1 person. The rest of the conditions are all with H1B person in the topic(your spouse). You can get to H4 from F without any issue due to F visa.


kindly share your experience because i am having the same situation. can i travel on H4, not showing my F1???