COS from H1 to H4

I joined a company B with h1 transfer receipt number and got denied. My old company A revoked my H1. My I-94 expiration date is nov 2020 with Company A. Can I convert my status to H4 with my spouse’s H1 with valid I-94, without leaving country. P

Without leaving country is not possible, the simple reason is you are not in status anymore, because your H1B is denied. You could have filed the COS before your H1B decision of denial. The I-94 validity is immaterial because that petition that gave you I-94 validity is not valid anymore. Simple thing is to exit the country now and re-enter in H4 visa.

Thanks for your reply . If my old Company-A is not revoked my H1, then Can I file COS to H4 with my spous’s H1

Regardless of your old company revoking or its I-94 validity, as @Kumar explained above, the moment, your Company B H1 is rejected, you are out of status. Thus, you cant find any other status while inside US.

Many Thanks for reply… If I do not sign I-9 and join company B, whether I can continue work with company A

And I have approved I-140. Still COS will not work from H1 to H4 without leaving country.

It sounds like you are not be able to get the sense of sensitivity in the situation that you are …now. You are literally illegal to live in US. In other words, Government can deport you from US.
Now you are thinking about change of status.
You are trying to do surgery to a dead patient.

Thanks for reply. My H1 tranfer is not denied and I did not join the new company yet. I am trying to find information proactively. I have my I-140 approved. Still the condition is same for COS. Sorry, I might have mentioned it in my question.

Read THE VERY first line of your original question and the VERY SECOND sentence of your last message on this thread. Either you are playing around OR lying or innocent(which I dont think so).
You said that your Company B petition got denied in the first and now you are saying that your petition is not denied. I guess you are wasting our time. I am locking this thread if your next message is not with good sense.