COS from F2 to F1

I came to USA on f2 visa and recently got admit In masters program. I have applied for COS with uscis and received recipet number.

Last week I finished biometrics as well for same,now my husband h1 is picked up and here are questions-

  • List item What will happen to my status once his status is converted to h1 from oct 1st .

  • List item What happen if I don’t apply for change of status for my self and stay in f2 as my cos application is already in place with uscis?

Your status will not have any impact as you have already applied for F1 status. If that is approved, you are on independent status of your own, which is F1. You cannot stay on F2 after your spouse moves to H1B as you do not have primary F1.

You have already applied for F1, now it will be continued to be processed unless you chose to withdraw.

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I am in the same situation right now. Do I need to apply for h4? What did you do then?