COS from B1/B2 to H1B


           I need advice on my current situation.


1. Filed fresh H1B through small employer and got petition approved in 2014 valid for 3 years.

2. Got 221g during visa stamping and completed 4 months with no updates.

3. Tried other options and since I have B1/B2 found a employer for doing COS from B1/B2 to H1B.

4. Employer asked me to come to US on B1/B2, wait for 30 days and then planning to apply for H1B with COS.


[b]My Questions:[/b]

1. Any issues in this process?

2. Should I withdraw my 221g or can I let it go on?

3. Can I start working after getting receipt number or I need to wait till approval?

4. What are the chances of H1B approval as it a COS?

5. What are the chances of H1B visa approval after working for 1 year with proper documents?


Thanks for your time and advice.
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