COS after coming to US

I have valid H4. I applied for h1 when in India and got selected in lottery, but during stamping in India, was given blue slip for too lack of client letter, i was informed that having a client letter is difficult as a job is not confirmed and as per employers request i pulled back my pettition with a mail to consulate.
Now i am in us, and as per direction i am willing to file CoS. Will this be possible?
And i may get job in a totally different skillset (may be different engineering area) will this be a problem when i go for stamping after getting a visa ?

COS can be applied, but you may again be asked about the client letter. Is the employer is a position to provide the same?

Also, do you know if consulate sent the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration? What’s the current online status for your petition?

current status is Admin process, ie not denied yet. can i file the petition again with a different client /employer ?

Yes, it can be applied w/ a different employer/client.

Thanks Saurabh, last question what i need to proceed with a different employer ?

You can proceed w/ different employer. Find one, and send them your documents including copy of current approval notice. Once approved, go for stamping.