Copies of previous I-20's and visas needed to be submitted too?


I am currently preparing my application for my H-1B visa. Right now I have the TN visa, however previously to the TN visa I had a F-1 student visa.

Right now I would like some advise regarding the copies of previous documentation that I should submit with my petition. I know I should submit a copy of my current TN visa and I-94. However, should I add copies of the following:

Previous F-1 visa?

All I-20’s?

EAD card?

Previous I-94’s?


I would really appreciate your advise. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Do you have an attorney filing the petition for you? If yes, they can best guide you w/ the specifics looking at your individual case.

In general, these copies are not required. The attorney can start off w/ enough proof to show that you are currently maintaining legal status - this will include latest TN visa stamp and other proof for your employment (I am not sure what’s the proof for maintaining TN status). If USCIS has questions about your previous immigration statuses, they they can ask about your F-1 details.