Converted H4 to H1 and working in US. First time stamping in India

Hi All,

I Came to US in a H4 visa and applied for a H1B and it got approved on Jan 2013. I started working for a Client from August 19th 2013 to till date. There are 2 Vendors in between the Cleint and my employer. Now there is a personal emergency and I am planning to go to India and do the stamping as well. I have all the required docs like payslips, client letter, i-797 etc.

  1. What are the possibilities that my Visa will get approved or Rejected?

  2. Will there be any issues in the Stamping?

  3. Do i need to take some extra docs from my side?

Thanks in advance,

I am in similar situation… My H1B stamping was rejected in 2011, Came back to US on H4 and applied (got approved for 18 months) for H1B in March 2013, since then I am working on EVC model (renewed my H1B in 2014)… Now I am planning to go to India for stamping…

Did you get any advice/info? Please do share