Convert H1B from Regular to Premium Processing

I am currently in India and I’ve applied for H1B via a company who filed it in regular processing. Till now the case status shows ‘Case was Received’ and upon checking with the employer they say they’ve not received any update yet, however they’ve asked me whether I would like to convert it to premium processing.

Considering, it is already August I am wondering would it make sense to convert the H1B petition from regular to premium. I’ve also heard from someone that all the VISA quota has been processed as on July-31-2015 (though it cannot be verified) …

What would you recommend & advise ?

There is no harm in converting the case to premium processing. The only drawback is you might be asked to pay towards the fee of PP which is $1225.

Just adding to the previous answer you cannot upgrade it to Premium without the receipt number. If this is a new H1 and you have not heard back yet, you probably did not get through the lottery

Hello SS,

It is a new H1 filing. I’ve received the Case receipt number starting from EAC but when I check the status it shows “Case was received”. Knowing it’s already Aug-12 I am wondering if there are chances for Petition approval yet ?

Thanks Ankit,

Considering it’s already Aug-12 I am wondering if there are any chances for the Petition to be approved even when converted to Premiun

Yes looks like you have received the case receipt that means it was picked up in the lottery. Congratulations. Now coming to the approval part, few of my friends got approval as late as September last year. The chances of approval are the same whether it is regular or premium processing. With PP upgrade atleast you would be certain to receive some information regarding your case within 15 calendar days.