Conversion from F1 to H1B


I arrived in US on B2 Tourist Visa and got accepted in a University so I applied for change of status from B2 to F1. My request is still pending with USCIS. If I get accepted I plan(just like many international students) to search for a job here and find an employer who can sponsor H1B Visa. (and I didn’t mention this in my cover letter to USCIS)
Here are my 2 questions

  1. Do I need to attend certain amount of credit hours or semesters before an employer can apply for H1B for me or can they just apply after first few months ?
  2. I have read up many articles regarding H1B but none of them states the process of having the status converted right from F1 to H1B (CPT or OPT are not available in my university). so can someone please let me know the process and how long will it take me(employer) to be in a position to apply for H4(My wife) ?

I’d appreciate any help in this regard :slight_smile:

Guys ! No answer ??? :frowning: