Contract to Fulltime with H1B Visa !!

Hi. . Currently I am on H1B which is valid for another 2 years . I am in US from 7 months and thinking to apply for a full time positions.

So my concern is will the client do background check regarding all the projects which i have mentioned in the profile !? or just they verify my visa and Education Certificates ?.

Especially Indian MNCs like CTS ,TCS and all !! Also ,hope they will sponsor for GC.

Please have a word on this !



They will check all employment history with projects too. It changes from company to company. I know CTS checks all.

They will check educational as well as criminal check.

Hey… Thanks for the reply… I tought the same but didn’t get how will they verify clients :confused: because I have some bench time so i added few clients on that time say 2 months!!