Consultancy vs desi IT company

Hi, I asked this question as a part of comment, but later thought of asking in QnA section.

I have h1b visa and in US since 10 months having 5 years of exp. I am looking out for change.
Now i have a couple of offers.
One is from desi IT company (client is dell) and other is some consultancy which I never heard of nor able to find more info about it on google, but client is jpmc and as per consultant it is contract to hire position which may give me FTE of chase after some months.
Payment is around 10K/year extra for consultancy but keeping the location of two jobs in mind and cutting cost of living i may end up saving the same.
So wanted to know how do I cross check if it is really a contract to hire opportunity, even if it is one, what could be loopholes in joining a consultant, and that too on just transfer receipt.
So seeking help as I am a bit confused. Can you pls suggest.

Check on myjobvisa about the desi consulatancy and research on linkedin,glassdoor, desi crunch and goolti etc…