Confusion with h1b,premium processing.

Hi All,

Seriously i need ur help.Since i didnt find help from any other place.

I would be really thank full for that.Im currently in a confused state.

I got 2 offers from two different countries…1st is UK and 2nd is US

For UK my Joining date is 1st Aug,For US its 1st Oct

For Uk,I am done with all the procedures(Have work permit as well)…only stamping is left.

For US,I got through Lottery,But my Case is still in initial review.

Currently my US company is putting my case for premium processing.

only have 1 doubt.

If my get my UK visa stamped,Can i go ahead for US stamping as well??

I know that if i get through US stamping,My UK visa gets cancelled.

But what are the other risk factor.

Please explain,I want to give my 100 % for US,Only ignored in between since my document processing was taking lot of time…But since Company is ready for premium processing…so want to give it a try.

will premium processing take dot 15 days??



Your US and UK visas are independent of each other. You can go for US stamping after UK stamping and approval of US visa will not invalidate the UK visa.

PP cases are resolved within 15 calendar days unless RFE is issued.