Conditional Greecard - Divorce - Options to Stay in US

I have my conditional PR threw my USA citizen Husband we had mutual Divorce due to personal issues can i get removed my conditional By mu own how can I convince that my marriage is Good faith but its unfortunate that we are not together now.

You can request USCIS by supporting relevant documentation that it was done in good faith and explain your hardship. You should talk to an immigration attorney immediately and then take their advice to make sure you retain your Green Card.
You may be able to get USCIS to help you stay using the provisions listed at : Abused Spouses, Children and Parents | USCIS

But their is no any Abuse or any threat from my spouse its regarding compatibility and In-laws issues do you believe that because of this ground i can make this path easy?

Thank you so much for Responding

It does not necessarily mean that there is abuse, just one of the categories for your reference…Please discuss with an immigration attorney. I wish I could add more.