Complicated Scenerio for H1b - need help

Hi ,

I am planning to take Appointment for H1bVisa. I have few Questions regarding to it.

Scenerio :

I am working for company A as freelancer with my permanent job.Company A is from usa and I am working for them since last one year.

I have filled H1b With company B as i have started working in June 2013 for Company A and before that i have filled H1b petition with Company B.So going for another lottery and petition we decided to use the existing approved Petition.

company A is providing me clientletter / Letter of Intent as they have projects from good comapnies .They are providing the clientletter / Letter of Intent Instead of Agreement with company B as they dont wont to do MSA or any contract untill i Join them in USA.
So they are providing me Letter of intent as client letter and SOW.

Company A is providing SOW with Rates and duration,start Date.
I have pay stub from Company A bases on which i can show them that i am working in this project for more than a year.But in this case company B is not Involved.

So my question is if i tell the VO that I am working with Company A for last one year and as i filled petiton with Company B i am going with the same Project as both the companies has reached to the Agreement… Will it be ok ? Does not the Vo officer will think “what will be the part of Company B.” ?
although The Project will execute at company b location as stated in the Scope of work.

I have daily meeting invites , pay stub , project document from the company A .

My question is:

Do i need to tell them that i am working on the project , if yes then does VO will think what is the part of Comapny B and why u need to go to USA ?


hi ,

I will be really thankful if someone can guide me … Is ti advisable to show the pay stub of the company from whome u worked form india and got the client letter. As i am working from india and got the client letter from the same company going to work on the same project but the employer who is holding petition is come in the picture.



AFAIK, since your approved petition is with Company B, you are expected to appear for stamping with an intention of joining Company B only. Once in US, you can ask A to apply for a H1b transfer and join them upon approval.

Thank you for your Response , but what i am confused is Should i show that i am working for company A from India without involvement of company B. I have pay stub , daily meeting for company A .
As i have filled petition with company B . I am going to apply in consulate with company B.

But should tell the VO that i am working on the project directly with company A who has provided the contract , SOW , PO to company B for my Petition?