compensation post H1B extension

My H1B expired in Sept 2014 but extension was filed in April 2014 with previous year’s LCA. What salary should I get as per USCIS/DOL rules? As per the old LCA (2013) or new LCA (2014)? At the time of filing, company did not have 2014 LCA but after July 2014 new came in. And new visa i.e. extended is effective 1st Oct 2014.

Thanks in advance.

Hay Shiv,

DOL don’t decided your salary… they will provide the privilege wages for your location and position and your employer has to give minimum that wage for that location. i don’t think so it is problem…hoping that if there is any difference in privilege wage also(2013 and 2014 ) it won’t be much + or - 2k… I am sure that your salary far better than LCA amount…


Thanks Chintam for your response.
There is a huge difference in prevailing wage rate for the role-location-level in 2013 and 2014, its above 10K and I am getting paid just above that of 2013 but quite less than 2014. Which minimum should company give me? 2013 or 2014? they filed extension before 2014 wage rate came i.e. with 2013 LCA but the extension date is 1OCT 2014.