Company's proof of existence / ability to pay for H1B transfer petition

My new company is headquartered in Latin America and just established a corporate satellite office in the US. They are certified by the DOL but still run all their financials from LATAM (run their US payroll via Trinet). How can they prove to the DHS their ability to pay and prove their existence?

What kind of work will you do for them? Product development or contracting?

I’ll be doing product development full time (got offer letter from their US office)

Then they will have to show how that product is selling, or they plan to sell which in turn will justify the expenses they are making on your immigration petition. You will be getting paid in US in USD once you reach here on H-1. So they may have to show funds in US either in their accounts, or show that they can be transferred from the corporate.

This is my understanding, but your attorney will be able to draft the application w/ correct text and details.

Thank you very much.