Company cancelled the job offer because of e-verify issue!!! Please help

Hi Guys,

I was offered the job at a big company. My current EAD expires on december. They have cancelled the offer because they are not e-verified in the state I had applied the job. I had applied for job in Oregon state. The comapny is, however, e-verified in many other states. The recruiter said that they can't participate in e-verify in particular state because it is the high level issue. What are my options now? Please help me.

Thank you.

sorry to hear it. But there is very little you can do if they have cancelled the offer. Try for some other location till your H1 is done / try contracting till your full h1

Hi SnowWinter,
Thank you for your response. After going through all those interview process, I am really shattered. Is not there any way that I could convince the company? I always thought that participating in E-verify was easy process. Moreover, it’s a big corporation and they have participated in e-verify in many states. It was my dream job and I was really excited for it. What would be the side effect for the company to participate in E-verify?

I know interviewing process is really hard. Sad!
But u can ask employer if they will accept contractiing through e-verified employer.
or some other e verified location for same company.

E verification is not simple process for big companies . It has lot of legal implications for one employee they would not go ahead. I had very similar case but i filed for H1 through them before expiry

I have asked them if they accept contracting through e-verified employer. It is really frustrating to know these stuffs after being offered the job. I wish they had let me know about this earlier. I always thought all big companies are e-verified. They have assured me that they would take me if any positions are open when H1B applications are accepted. Thank you for your suggestion.

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