coming for H1B Visa renewal stamping to india

Hi, I am in US and my H1B visa is Expired .I have New approved 797 till Dec’2015 with same company. so now i am going to visit india with my family. Is it required to get appointment and apear for Interview at Consulate for Stamping ? what is the procedure for stamping ? I lived in Gujrat and my first stamping was in Mumbai while second in Delhi and these time i am planing to go Mumbai. So, please let me know the Process.



Here is an article about the new process:

You can go to Mumbai for the interview.

It appears from yr question that you are eligible for Interview waiver Programme and Drop Box case of submission.

There are a few conditions .But I think that you meet those conditions- main being petitioner should be same

Follow the system. Answer the questions correctly.

System should give you drop box submission.

If it gives , submit the documents as asked to nearest OFC either personally or through yr local travel agent.

BUT evenif you are eligible for Interview waiver , MOST LIKELY YOU WILL BE ASKED TO APPEAR FOR INTERVIEW where you can go on any working day within stipulated time.


My Experience…

Today I submitted my passport to visa application center at Mumbai.

I had a lot of photocopies of a lot of documents. 

But they took my passport, one bank receipt photocopy , one current i797 photocopy and a passport photo.

Thats it and Its done.

They will let me know pick up date within a week.